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Hi Guys!

Oh god, it's been a while since I've posted anything here. Things have pretty hectic my way; just finished University, had a crap tonne of health problems (most of which are under control or better now), and suffering from the laziness of currently being a NEET :iconrelievedplz:

I have lots of plans to get back into MMD; specifically my comics. Even more specifically All The Fun Of The Fair, Radioactivity and possibly Final Judgement.


I have had the unfortunate pleasure of straining my left pectoral muscle which gets aggravated and quite painful if I type or use MMD for too long. I've also managed to get tendonitis in my elbows and left wrist which again; flares up when I type or use MMD. So that means any comics I start to work on will probably take longer than normal; no more all nighters completing pages.

I want the pages to be decent quality; especially when it comes to the story pacing of All The Fun Of The Fair which is important in the development of the characters and story.

So basically what I'm saying is; pending my jacked up arms and pec muscle I'm going to try and start using MMD more frequently again! :icongreatjobplz:

In other news; I will be graduating University in September :icongraduatingplz: The day before my birthday :iconinsultedplz: I'm a bit sad because I wanted to spend my birthday at home but instead it'll be in Canberra; AGAIN! But I'll officially have my Bachelor of Writing degree so whatever!

But until then I'll probably be a NEET; since I can't really apply for decent jobs without my degree :icondontunderstandplz:

Anyway, I look forward to posting more frequently again!

:iconbaibaiplz: Until next upload guys!
  • Listening to: the sound of my air filter
  • Reading: LOTS OF MANGA
  • Watching: LOTS OF ANIME
  • Playing: MMD...Soon
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Water



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

FREE Jellyfish Icon (Purple) by koffeelamSweet-Medley Divider by PhoebeRoseFREE Jellyfish Icon (Purple) by koffeelam


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Sharks ~ Divider by NimyluFREE Jellyfish Icon by koffeelamSharks ~ Divider by Nimylu

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I’m just a reserved, quiet University Graduate...

I’m also a perverted and semi-crazy otaku/nerd.

The main things you need to know about me are:

  • I love anime/manga.
  • I LOVE boys love and girls love. If that’s not your thing I suggest you back away now.
  • Captain America is my jam and I really like Golden Age Captain America comics.
  • I am a bit old fashioned and a bit of a prude despite my semi-perverted interests >u>
  • I don’t take lightly to people insulting my characters or stealing my character concepts. I will destroy you.
  • I collect things. LOTS OF THINGS.

Sharks ~ Divider by NimyluFREE Jellyfish Icon by koffeelamSharks ~ Divider by Nimylu
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The main things you’ll find in my gallery are:


I tend to make pictures of my own original/edited characters. I also have multiple comics I make with MMD up. The longest and my pride and joy being “Radioactivity”.

Ball Jointed Dolls

I have a lot of these beautiful guys and I love photographing them. You can see my BJD FAQ to the left so check it out if you’re interested.

Digital Art

Sometimes fan art but more often than not it’s my own characters. I also have a few OCs for animes.


I do cosplay! The photos are not overly professional but I like to upload them anyway.

Radioactivity Stamp by Majikaru-Rin:icondontlikeplz::icondontlikeyplz:RAYNE + Kat Stamp by Majikaru-Rin

I've just completed a Bachelor of Writing and as the name of the degree suggests I do write stories which I do not/will not publish on the internet as I intend on trying to get them published. Most of them are still in the planning stages since I hadn't really had the time to develop them while at University.

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Sharks ~ Divider by NimyluFREE Jellyfish Icon by koffeelamSharks ~ Divider by Nimylu

MOTHERLAND! Homeland :iconyayaustraliaplz: Australia, :iconsuperw00tplz:

Countries I have Invaded Traveled To

:iconenglandrapefaceplz: England
:iconhetaliawalesplz: Wales
:iconhetaliascotlandplz: Scotland
:iconfrenchwhineplz: France

Sharks ~ Divider by NimyluFREE Jellyfish Icon by koffeelamSharks ~ Divider by Nimylu

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What Is Your Emblem?
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The Greatest Otaku's You Will Ever Meet
. : . AKA The Hinekodangochu Gang . : .


Favourite style of art: anime/manga
Operating System: Mr Bubbles Mk II
Favourite cartoon character: Ryuuko from Monochrome Factor
Personal Quote: Before this day is done I shall look down upon your corpse and smile


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